UA Emergency Loan

What is an Emergency Loan?

The University of Arkansas offers assists to students in time of emergency, defined as an unforeseen event or expense. Some common examples are an eviction notice, medical illness, or death within the family. Unfortunately, employees are not eligible for this type of loan.

How much can I receive for an Emergency Loan? 

The maximum award is $500.

When do I have to repay an Emergency Loan?

These loan funds are limited, therefore there is a requirement to repay this loan within 60 days of receiving the funds or before June 1, whichever date comes first. 

What is required for this an Emergency Loan?
  • Complete a Request Form which includes the application and a co-signer affidavit. Both must be completed, signed, and dated. There is a list and more details about the documentation required on the Request Form.  Please read the form thoroughly. A student may only participate in this loan program once a year.  
  • Bring your form and acceptable documentation to the Office of Financial Aid to initiate the process. Upon approval the Financial Aid Counselor will complete part of the Request Form.
  • Submit the completed and signed (by all parties required) Request Form to the Student Accounts Office in the Arkansas Union, Room 214 by 4:00 p.m. (Monday through Friday). 
  • The Student Accounts Office will review the form for completeness and provide access to the funds.
  • This type of loan is only available to currently enrolled students in classes.

Emergency Loan Request Form

If you have any questions please Contact a Counselor to help you.