Satisfactory Academic Progress


Federal regulation requires that a student must be making satisfactory academic progress regardless of whether he or she has previously received Title IV aid. All students enrolled at the University of Arkansas who receive financial aid through the Title IV Assistance Programs must meet the satisfactory academic progress requirements as defined below in order to be eligible for further aid.

Satisfactory academic progress is deemed to have been made by any undergraduate student who meets both the quantitative and qualitative requirements indicated below.

SAP Requirements

Quantitative Requirements

There are two quantitative requirements that the student must meet in order to remain eligible to apply for federal financial assistance. First, the student must pass, at a minimum, 66.67% of the credits attempted while attending the university. For the purpose of the 66.67% rule, grades of 'W', 'I', and 'NC' are not considered passing grades and the completion percentage is truncated after the first decimal place and rounded to the nearest whole number. In addition, the student will remain eligible to apply for aid as long as the number of credits attempted is not more than 150% of the number of credits required for the student's published degree plan.

A transfer student may have earned credits at another school that will count toward his or her degree at the University of Arkansas. Class credits transferred to the University of Arkansas and classes taken for remediation at the University of Arkansas are used in both the 66.67% and 150% calculation.

The determination of each student's meeting the quantitative requirements for satisfactory academic progress will be made annually following the conclusion of the spring semester. If a student fails to pass at least 66.67% of the credits attempted or has attempted more than 150% of the number of credits required for graduation, then the student must appeal for reinstatement of financial aid eligibility.

Qualitative Requirements

A student is deemed to have met the qualitative requirements for satisfactory academic progress for financial aid purposes provided the student's cumulative GPA is 2.0 or greater. By default, students who have only earned grades of 'W' or 'NC' will pass the qualitative requirement. The determination of each student's meeting the qualitative requirement for satisfactory academic progress will be made annually following the conclusion of the spring semester.

Additional Information About SAP Calculations

Dual majors and degrees are calculated at 150% of the total unit requirements of the primary plan. Changing of major will mean future SAP calculations will use the new primary plan or degree but all previous completed and attempted hours will still be used in SAP calculations. All transfer hours will add into calculations as completed and attempted. Once an undergraduate degree is earned, students are only eligible for direct loans whether the degree is indicated by graduation or not. For second degrees, the calculation will monitor progress from the date of the previous degree (excluding technical certificates and associate degrees).

Graduate and Law Students

Satisfactory academic progress for graduate and law students is determined as described above with one exception. In order to meet the quantitative requirement that students pass at least 66.67% of credits attempted, graduate and law students must pass each course with a grade of C or better while attending the university at the graduate level.

Satisfactory Academic Policy Appeals

When a student loses federal aid eligibility because they failed to make satisfactory progress, they may appeal that result because of their injury or illness, the death of a relative, or other special circumstances. Their appeal must explain why they failed to make satisfactory progress and what has changed in their situation that will allow them to make satisfactory progress at the next evaluation. The only way to regain aid eligibility without a successful SAP appeal is by meeting the SAP criteria above. Full instructions and conditions of the appeal process are detailed in the SAP Appeal Form.

Students who fail to meet the above requirements will be notified that their financial aid has been denied. Each student denied aid will automatically be given an option to appeal to the Student Aid Committee. The Committee will review each appeal on an individual basis to determine whether there are circumstances beyond the student's control that prevented him or her from maintaining satisfactory progress. The decision of the Committee is final in appeal matters.

Student Resources

The University of Arkansas provides many resources and services to promote student success. Some of these resources are listed on the last page of our appeal form and many more are offered through the Division of Student Affairs. A complete directory of those offices and their services is available at Student Affairs.

The Financial Aid and Scholarship Office is here to support your academic recovery. If you have questions about which resources may be most beneficial to you or need assistance with the appeal process, walk-in appointments are available Monday through Friday. For additional access to help from our office, please visit