Information Affecting Your Aid

The amount of your aid has been computed to the maximum amount possible in accordance with your need analysis and the availability of funds. In the event that this amount does not cover all of the costs, you will need to make arrangements to pay the balance from some other source. Also, this aid may not be used for deposits, physical examinations, or any other fees that you must pay prior to registration. The university has no obligation to make this aid available to you until you are properly admitted and enrolled for the number of hours specified on your Financial Aid Notification. It is your responsibility to notify the Office of Financial Aid of any change in your enrollment. Changes in enrollment may reduce or eliminate any, or a portion of, the financial aid awarded. Eligibility for financial aid must be re-established each year by renewing your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The amounts and types of your aid were determined on the basis of the financial aid information given in your FAFSA. The university reserves the right to adjust your award if conditions are found to be different from those stated in your FAFSA. Also, the university reserves the right to adjust your award under the following conditions.

  1. Your family conditions change during the year.
  2. You receive financial support from a source other than the aid listed on your award letter.
  3. You do not maintain the specified enrollment hours indicated on your Financial Aid Notification.
  4. Human or computer error was made while determining the award.

One-half of the total aid for the school year will be made available to you for the fall semester and one-half for the spring semester. If you do not enroll for the fall semester, your award will be canceled for the entire year. You may request financial aid for spring when you re-enroll (or are readmitted) for spring.   This will be done if funds are available for the spring semester.

Financial aid offered as Federal Work-Study (FWS) is an estimation of the amount you may expect to earn during the term(s) indicated. Students are paid twice a month and only for actual hours worked.  The awarding of Work-Study does not automatically guarantee that you will have a job. FWS job postings are listed at Work-Study Job Listings.  If you need assistance in the FWS job search, you can contact the Office of Financial Aid for assistance. If we are unable to locate a job for you, the amount of your Work-Study award may be changed to some other type of aid depending upon the availability of funds.  However, if employment is found for you and you choose not to work for any reason, the University will assume no obligation to substitute other types of aid.

The University of Arkansas reserves the right to ensure that all your financial obligations to the university for the current term are paid before cash disbursements (refunds) are made. If a prior term balance is owed, it is the student’s responsibility to make the necessary payment arrangements with the Treasurer's Office.

Refund and Repayment Policy

If a student withdraws from the university, all or part of financial aid awards may have to be repaid. If withdrawal occurs before classes begin, all of the financial aid awarded must be returned. If withdrawal occurs after classes begin, a portion of the aid must be repaid after arrangements are made with the Treasurer's Office.  If hours are reduced, some monies may have to be repaid. Please contact the Office of Financial Aid if a withdrawal is contemplated. Future eligibility for aid may be suspended if arrangements for repayment are not made with the consent of the Office of Financial Aid and the Treasurer's Office. The calculation of your repayment will be made on the basis of University and/or federal regulations at the time of your withdrawal.  Refunds from the University of Arkansas, due to student withdrawal, may become the property of the loan, grant, and/or scholarship fund from which aid was awarded.

Scholarship Recipients

Academic Scholarships

For renewal and other pertinent information, please refer to the renewal criteria previously sent to you or contact the Office of Academic Scholarships at 479-575-4464.

State Scholarships or Athletic Aid

For terms, conditions, or renewal criteria, contact the Office of Financial Aid at 479-575-3806.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

For Financial Aid Applicants

Federal regulation requires that a student must be making satisfactory academic progress (SAP) regardless of whether he or she has previously received Title IV aid. All students enrolled at the University of Arkansas who receive financial aid through the Title IV Assistance Programs must meet the satisfactory academic progress requirements as defined below in order to be eligible for further aid. Please refer to for details.

Quantitative Requirements

There are two quantitative requirements that the student must meet in order to remain eligible to apply for financial assistance.  First, the student must pass, at a minimum, 67% of the credits attempted while attending the university. A course from which a student withdraws, fails, or receives an incomplete will count against the 67%.  Also, the student will remain eligible to apply for aid as long as the total number of credits attempted (those accepted in transfer and those attempted at the university) is not more than 150% of the number of credits required for the student's degree.  A transfer student may have earned credits at another school that will count toward his or her degree at the University of Arkansas. Class credits transferred to the University of Arkansas are used in both the 67% and 150% calculation.

The determination of each student's meeting the quantitative requirements for satisfactory academic progress will be made annually following the conclusion of the spring semester. If a student fails to pass at least 67% of the credits attempted or has attempted more than 150% of the number of credits required for graduation, then the student must appeal for reinstatement of financial aid eligibility.

Qualitative Requirements

A student is deemed to have met the qualitative requirements for satisfactory academic progress for financial aid purposes provided the student's cumulative GPA is a minimum of 2.0.

Graduate and Law Students

Satisfactory academic progress for graduate and law students is determined by meeting the quantitative requirement based on 67% of the credits attempted with at least a grade of C and the qualitative requirement of maintaining a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0.