Federal Work-Study

The University of Arkansas is committed to promoting part-time employment opportunities for students through federal work-study, on-campus employment, and off-campus employment and internship connections. 

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a federal program which offers eligible students part-time job opportunities to help pay their educational expenses. FWS funds are limited. Therefore, priority consideration is given to students who: 

  1. Complete the FAFSA in a timely manner each  year.
  2. Indicate interest in the Federal Work-Study Program on the FAFSA.
  3. Demonstrate a high level of financial need as determined by the FAFSA results.
  4. Enroll in at least 6 hours of coursework for the semester.

Please read Federal Work-Study FAQs and contact your Financial Aid Counselor if you have any further questions on your eligibility or the awarding of Federal Work-Study.

In your Student Centernavigate to Finances > Financial Aid > Accept/Decline Awards to view your awards. If you are awarded Federal Work-Study, you may either:

  1. Accept the award and begin finding a work-study position.
  2. Decline the award if you do not choose to use your work-study award. This is important in order to allow the funds you reject to be available for another student to receive work-study.

How do I find a job if I have been awarded Federal Work-Study? Federal Work-Study Information

Student Employment: On-Campus

On-Campus Student Employment Openings, Human Resources

Student Employment: Off-Campus & Internships

Off-Campus Employment and Internships Openings, Career Development Center