Work-Study for Employers

It is the employer’s responsibility to hire, dismiss, and train their employees as needed. It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that students are not scheduled to work during scheduled class time. Students should be asked to provide their class schedule to ensure conflicts are not present.

  1. Submit a job request for student employees on the Financial Aid Office website each semester by going to the Submit Work-Study Job page.
  2. Supervisors may request Student Job Assignment forms from the Financial Aid Office by submitting a Request Job Assignment. Job Assignment forms will be sent to on-campus departments. Students who work at off-campus locations will need to pick up Job Assignment forms. Please return the top white copy of the form(s) to the Financial Aid Office, HUNT 114, after you and the student have completed the form.
  3. On-campus employers need to create Wage Rates on the BASIS Hourly Time-Sheet application. The Financial Aid Office will need a completed Wage Rate form for each off-campus student employee. (Off-campus is defined as non-profit community service employers.) Each Wage Rate will be approved upon the verification of a job assignment form on file in the Financial Aid Office. When your positions are filled, please request the Financial Aid Office to Remove Job Listing.
  4. Off-campus: In order to pay a student, we ask that you verify, sign, and total the student’s Time Sheet. Please make a copy for your records and turn the original into the Financial Aid Office by the due date. Supervisors may fax the completed time sheet to: 479-575-7790 and then mail or send the original time sheet to the Financial Aid Office.
    On-campus: Hourly time representatives need to check the HWSC (Hourly Work-Study Calendar) screen on BASIS Hourly time-sheet for the last payroll date for the Term. This is the last available date to enter time for Work-Study students; otherwise the department will be responsible for paying the student 100% through the hourly payroll process.
  5. We suggest that the student and employer keep track of the student’s remaining eligibility for earnings. The employer is responsible for paying 100% of any overtime and for wages a student earns in excess of the award amount.
  6. Please remind the student that he/she will be able to apply for financial aid for the next school year after January 1st each year by completing the FAFSA online.