Responsibilities of Work Study Student Employee

Federal Work Study is a need-based program

If Work Study does not appear on your Financial Aid Notification, please contact the Financial Aid Office, Hunt Hall 114. Search the University Careers site for Work Study positions. If you are interested in a particular opportunity, submit your application through WorkDay. Students are only allowed to work one Work Study job at a time. After working out the details of your job with the supervisor, you or your supervisor may request a Student Job Assignment by contacting Erin Wooldridge,, at 479-575-2430.

Complete the following personnel papers before you begin work

  • Student Job Assignment through Financial Aid
  • IRS tax forms W-4 and I-9
  • University of Arkansas Acknowledgment of Policies
  • Payroll Direct Deposit Authorization (requires a voided check and/or a savings deposit slip)

You will need to bring current identification documents such as your driver's license, social security card, birth certificate, passport, etc.

You may have your earnings statement e-mailed to you or view it on the web by logging into your WorkDay account and clicking on the Pay icon.

Become familiar with WorkDay

IMPORTANT: W-2s will be mailed to the home address listed on WorkDay. To verify your home address, please do the following:

  1. Log into WorkDay with your UARK ID and password
  2. From the homepage, click the Personal Information icon
  3. Select the Addresses option
  4. Click Edit if you need to make changes, and then Submit when finished

If you have incomplete personnel paperwork at Human Resources, your payroll check may be delayed. Pay dates are the 15th and 30th/31st of each month. Work Study amounts earned are not applied to your balance at Student Accounts.

Work with your supervisor

Talk to your supervisor to arrange your work schedule based on the number of hours you will be allowed to work (depending on the amount of your Work Study Award) and your class schedule. The example below is intended to illustrate the weekly schedule of hours for a student worker. Any deviation from this, such as an increase in the hourly rate or increase of hours worked per week, should to be taken into consideration.


Based on average award of $1,500 per semester:

Amount Awarded ($1,500) ÷ Weeks in Semester (15) ÷ Rate of Pay ($10.00) = # of Hours per Week (10.75)

Students may not work more than a combined total of 8 hours per day, 40 hours per week (Sunday-Saturday) or 1,250 hours in a fiscal year in all jobs, hourly or Work Study. Work Study students must be registered at least half-time* for the semester. If you are registered and awarded FWS, you may begin work on the first day of classes and must end work on the last day of finals or the day you drop below half-time*, whichever occurs first.

*Half-time is 6 hours for undergraduates and law students. Notify your supervisor in advance when you are unable to work.

Use your time sheet

Record hours on the time sheet provided by your supervisor. Your supervisor will notify you as to when and where you will turn in your time sheet. For off-campus students, the time sheet is due in the Financial Aid Office (114 Silas Hunt Hall) by the indicated date on the reverse side of the time sheet. Late time sheets will cause a significant delay in your paycheck.

Be sure that all information is correctly filled in on the front of the time sheet. Be sure to sign in and out for unpaid breaks and lunches. Your time should be rounded to the nearest quarter hour: 25, .50, .75, or whole number. Don't forget to sign your time sheet and to have your supervisor sign it also, otherwise your pay check will be delayed. It is a good idea to keep a copy of your time sheet in case you have questions about it later.


  • Student A worked 3 hrs. 20 min., and therefore reported 3.25
  • Student B worked 2 hrs. 55 min, and therefore reported 3.0

Track your work study award

Work with your supervisor to track the amount of Work study award that has been used. Remember that an increase in rate of pay without reducing the number of hours worked per week or an increase in hours worked per week will result in loss of your job before the semester ends.


Assuming a semester work study award of $1500 ($3000 annually), working 20 hrs/week at $10.00/hr:

  • First Pay Period
    Student's Award ($1,500 per semester) - Student's Gross Pay ($200.00) = Remaining Award ($1,300.00)
  • Second Pay Period
    Remaining Award ($1,300 per semester) - Student's Gross Pay ($200.00) = Remaining Award ($1,100.00)

Other things to keep in mind

  • Cooperate with your supervisor in a responsible manner.
  • Remain in a particular job for the duration of the assigned period (simply locating another job on campus is not reason enough for a transfer). Give adequate notice to your supervisor if you plan to terminate your job for any reason.
  • If a job-related problem arises, tell your supervisor – communication often alleviates difficulties.
  • Respect the confidentiality of all information to which you have access in your work assignment.
  • Re-apply each year (after October 1st or after federal income taxes have been filed) for the Federal Work Study Program and financial aid by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Be sure to indicate your interest in Work Study. You are responsible for paying taxes on money earned through Work Study; however, it is not counted as a resource on your FAFSA the following year.


Please contact the Financial Aid Office (Hunt Hall 114) at 479-575-3806.